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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

On our doorstep!

Four words - The Great Ocean Road. After that there are no words. Nothing can describe how beautiful that place is!!

ANZAC day I went with a mate up "The Great Ocean Road" ( It took us 3 hours to drive to see "The Twelve Apostles" and oh my God was it worth it. Driving up we were mostly on the main road and motorway, and you don't pay much attention to your surroundings. Then pulling towards the sea you go through lots of green scenery that reminded me of home. We pulled up at the lookout point and walked to the sea. Turning the corner to see the view, my breath was literally taken away. It was literally an "Oh my God" moment that left me with my mouth open. It was a beautiful, albeit chilly, day; but the light on the rocks was amazing - these photos are with no filters.

To think that this sight was on my doorstep, a short 3 hour drive away, was insane. It was like we were in paradise. How could I have not visited this before? Photos don't do it justice and words cannot describe the beauty of the natural scene.

I headed down onto the beach. How good was it to breathe in the sea air and forget about everything? How it felt so good just to hear the waves, taste the salt in the air and let the stresses and worries wash away from you. The sea was loud and the waves crashed against the rocks. It was only 7 degrees when I was there, so winter clothes were needed, although sunnies too :)

After a while we went to Port Campbell for some lunch and then headed back along The Great Ocean Road to see what else was in store. We went into Otway Reserve and saw some people stopped at the side of the road looking up into the trees. Pulling over we saw some wild koalas just hanging out and eating their food as they looked down at us. Crazy to think these beautiful animals were so close to us and yet I have only ever seen them in the zoo. They're so cute, you just want to grab one and take it home!! I got away with holding one without it using me as a toilet the week before though; so I wasn't chancing that again!

We continued along The Great Ocean Road til we got to Apollo Bay and we stopped for more snaps here. A beautiful beach that was surrounded by shops and restaurants. The weather was so perfect and the sky seemed to go on forever. My friend commented that the sky always seems so much bigger in Australia and thinking about it, I completely agree. Sounds silly; but it seems to be so much more expansive than at home for some reason. Beautiful.

The town of Lorne was next; definitely a surfer's paradise with many in the sea and many more walking around the main street. The beautiful weather had everyone in a good mood and the vibe was a very relaxed one. 

Driving home along the windy road, there were so many "wow" moments and reasons to stop and take photos. Very distracting for a driver who couldn't (or at least shouldn't!) turn around to take in the view and the surroundings.

Finally the last stop was the "Round the Twist" lighthouse - a programme I'd never seen as a kid, but I knew the theme tune; which was promptly put in my head for the rest of the day! The sun was setting and we were watching some people fishing while we looked back over the day. What a great experience and something so beautiful on our doorstep. How lucky are we to have such scenery and landmarks only a few hours from where we live? I was grateful. Grateful for the break, for the opportunity to be able to experience this and grateful for the company.

"Have you ever; ever felt like this...." 
No; I don't think I have. 

But I bet you're singing it now, aren't you?!

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