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Monday, 17 February 2014

Finally some good news!

Thursday January 23rd at 4.30pm, 5 days overdue, Baby Isabel Bridget O'Shea is born into the world - all 51cm, 8lb 4ozs of her. The little fatty is a beautiful and perfect bundle of joy, bringing smiles to the faces of those who are told about her.

It's funny, cos I didn't have an immediate connection with her. I expected to cry with joy upon hearing the news, to be overwhelmed with love for this tiny package who was so dependent on others. I thought that I would be constantly thinking of her and wanting to be near her; but instead I was left smiling at the cute photo of the newborn that Bhány had sent me; claiming it to be her daughter, but also thinking it could be anyone's baby.

Sure; she looked like Bhány, and Luke was holding her; but due to the distance of Townsville from Melbourne, and the fact that the whole pregnancy and idea that my little sister was going to have a baby before me was too surreal to comprehend, I think I was in denial.

Fear then set in as I spoke to Bhány 3 hours after the birth of Isabel and about how traumatic her 24 hour natural labour experience (after being induced) was. Nothing was mentioned of the baby and the wonderful, amazing and courageous act that she had just performed bringing Izzy into the world. I guess I didn't fully comprehend the task that she had just completed and what toll it takes on the body and mind. I thought she was supposed to be overjoyed and full of babble about her new baby; that I would know every feature of the little girl within 5 minutes of the phone-call; but instead I was left asking the questions and trying to make sure that Bhány herself was ok. I immediately was left thinking of Post Natal Depression and the problems and drama that would ensue should she have it. No photos, no details and an utterly exhausted new-Mam left me feeling very worried and alone 2,609.50km away from my little sister.

A few days later, a quick FaceTime conversation immediately put my concerns to rest when I see how amazing Izzy is and how happy Bhány is; also coming out with "Now, don't get me wrong - I don't like other people's kids, but my kid is awesome!". That's my Bhány - all is OK with the world again! :)

Beautiful Isabel is a model child, waking only once at night to feed and otherwise allows Mammy and Daddy to sleep. Daddy Luke is instantaneously in love and she is Daddy's Little Princess. Yummy Mummy is back into her size 10 jeans within a week and making Aunty Ciara sick with  picture message updates of her progress...!! Dad kindly pointed out that he thought it was me in this photo - then quickly scrambled to say "the photo on the right OBVIOUSLY"...cheers Dad.

Pass the chocolate.

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