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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

An excited Blondie!

Today is a good day! Today I booked a month off work for my Christmas holidays in 2014, when I will be returning home to see my friends and family! It'll be 3 years since I'll have been home at that stage, and I'm excited at the thought already! As one of my besties suggested, I should have a 380-day Advent Calendar (without the chocolate a day or I'd be the size of a house by the time the festive season came around again)! SUPER excited at the thought of getting to see everyone again, as well as the fact that I will also be going home for the Christening of with my by-then-almost-1-year-old niece/nephew at the same time! Santa in the house again! Guaranteed I will be up at the crack of dawn once again, trying to wake everyone to get them up to open their presents. Well, nobody ever said you HAD to grow up...

I also FINALLY got round to getting my hair done (it's only been about 14 weeks...) and would like to give a shout out to my most amazingly talented hairdresser, Shauna Kelly, for making sure my friends and loved ones don't abandon me out of pure embarrassment! (

Only someone with a natural gift can transform my "looks like you have been dragged through a bush backwards" hair into something suitable to be seen in public in! This Irish girl is incredible at what she does and I send all my friends her way; all of whom return as regular clients after they see what she is capable of.

She has inspired me to get my Nail Technician hat back on and to get my ass in gear to work at promoting that in Melbourne. This is to be my next project. That is, once Facebook decides to allow me to change the name of my nail page from "Nu Nails" ( to "Irish Nails Melbourne"... something that is surprisingly difficult to do considering the amount of pages that are on Facebook with slang, swear words or just dumb names! If I called it "Sick Nails for B*tches" would i have a better chance at having it approved I wonder?? Could affect the type of clientele I'm looking to attract though... Catch 22 really :)
Facebook says I have to request permission to do a name change of my own page, saying why I want to change it and also submitting documentation with the name of the new business on it?! I can see my patience running out and my setting up a new page to avoid the hassle!

Anyway, watch this space; lots to do - need to get the Facebook page updated, business cards done up, promote through friends and colleagues etc. I'm already doing a nail party on Monday evening: Shellac nails for about 6/7 girls. Had best make sure to get time to do my own before then; is chipped nail varnish and a dirty, soggy plaster holding a nail on bad publicity for a nail tech?! Don't answer that.

And I checked; "Sick Nails for B*tches" isn't taken on Facebook...


  1. First of all, this is your favorite Charlestonian (Jennifer, not Larry). I am commenting using my blog url, b/c I am an idiot when it comes to figuring out how to comment on Blogger & none of the other options worked. Okay, now for the comment:
    Ciara! I just found your blog via facebook lurking - finally caved & opened an acct so I could get more up-to-date info from Stephen's school. Can't wait to read up on your adventures. Love you; miss you; and had the most bizarro dream last night that you and I were living in Toulouse again - and my husband and children were there, as well - antics galore. LOVE!!

    1. Delighted that you've found my blog - you'll have to add it to FOLLOW ME and we can keep up on each other's antics! Loving the dream and wish it was real!!! #thosewerethedays #Toulouse xxxx

  2. Am loving reading your blog. How do I follow you? X

    1. I think you can just follow me through Google+ Amanda! xx