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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

"What you give, you get back"

What a difference a year makes!

My 30th was spent with my sister, her now-fiance and my husband. This year I had an amazing weekend spent with all my new friends, husband and siblings!
It started off with a birthday cake in work with my name on it! AMAZING - even if I did request "anything but chocolate cake" and got chocolate :) MASSIVE cake and personalised too?! LOVE IT!

Then asked work colleagues and friends to come to Prince Alfred's in Richmond ( and there were loads of people! The girls all wore something pink due to my obsession with the colour, and the drinks started to flow!

They got me a sash, a tiara and sunglasses - all pink and sparkly! I was in my element!

People from work came and stayed out, which never happens; but made me feel so happy and so special I could have burst!

We went from here to Revellers on Chapel St - a venue of PURE CHEESE, but stays open late and where we almost always end up! I wonder why I'm not a VIP there at this stage! 

I had to bail at 4:30am as my feet couldn't cope any more in the new shoes that I had bought from Forever New ( - one of my favourite shops here. It lashed rain all night, but at this stage I was welcoming it as I was using it to cool my feet down from the intense pain I was in!! Nothing worse than sore feet - even the copious amounts of alcohol consumed wasn't dulling the pain I was in!

The next morning I went through my presents - the girls had pitched in and bought me a ticket to see Pink in concert, MAC lipgloss and glue for eyelashes and a Forever New voucher! They had also made such an effort in dressing up, getting me sparklers and a muffin with a candle for the night - I was overjoyed and so happy with the people I now have in my life. I ended up crying with happiness and gratitude the next day when I was telling people about my night. I couldn't relay how appreciative I was and am for the good people that I now have in my life over here and how they are my Aussie-family. I felt and feel so honoured that they put in such an effort and really focused on me and what I liked. Some people go through life without having any of this love and friendship and I was getting it on so many levels. I will never forget what one of my close friends, Una, said to me: "Sure why are you surprised Ciara? What you give, you get back love". If that's the case, I'm going to make sure I keep on giving.

Later that day Paul took me into the city and I went shopping. Couple of bits in "Forever New" and I was happy as a pig in muck!

My little brother was coming over to Perth to surprise one of his best mates, Mark, so Bhany and I decided to head to him on my actual birthday and take a couple of days off work. Bhany arrived at my apartment with a muffin and birthday hat on; starting the day off! I spent the majority of my birthday on a plane, in an airport or in a taxi; but I was excited to see Kev, so I didn't mind!

Mark was celebrating his 30th on my birthday, so we stayed up drinking with him as they bounced on the bouncing castle - fully equipped with wrecking ball and sumo suits...?! They were trying to get Bhany up on the bouncing castle, and in a panic I said "she's on antibiotics, she can't" - which left everyone looking at each other with very confused faces. I couldn't look at her for fear of bursting out laughing - of all things to try and cover up her pregnancy?! Smooth Ciara..

Later that night we Skyped Mam and Dad so they could see us together and wish me a happy birthday. That never happened because they spent the day thinking it was June 1st and not June 2nd, and kept laughing at me every time I said "It's my birthday!". It even came to the point where she wished Mark a "Happy Birthday" on Facebook and ignored me! It was only the next morning that I got a very guilt-filled and apologetic text from my Mam telling me she got her dates wrong and that she was sorry! lol!

Next day we hit the beach (in the middle of winter we were in shorts on the beach?! I could get used to this...) where the boys went swimming. It was only some hours afterwards that we found out there had been a Great White Shark attack on that beach the day before...oops!

We went back to the house for food and drinks and started playing some lawn bowls. After this we chilled out in the house and cleaned up from the night before. Many hands make light work and then we chilled out for the evening watching "Game of Thrones" in the sitting room together. 

The last day came and we went to a local waterfall and park, where I got to feed birds and kangaroos - I was loving this! It was lovely weather and we wanted to spend the time with Kev, not seeing things, so this was a great way to spend the day.

That night we went to a restaurant as "The Last Supper" and had a lovely meal. We then went home and grabbed our stuff and headed to the airport. Saying a quick goodbye so as not to get teary - we said we'd see him again in another 18 months; but this time at home in Ireland in Christmas 2014.

We were getting the "Red-Eye" flight back to go straight to work the next day...NEVER AGAIN! I was trying to save my annual leave, but it wasn't worth the pain I had to go through that day with exhaustion!
Still though - what a great birthday weekend/week and I was feeling happy and loved. A life turned upside-down wasn't actually that bad after all...

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