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Monday, 18 November 2013

Tough Mudder Melbourne 2012

Had signed up for Tough Mudder  (@toughmudder with JD, Ryan and Chappers; so the time arrives and I'm afraid - very afraid!

20km run with 10+ obstacles in between including an ice-bath, cage crawl, rope climb, jutting rocks, electric eel cables that shock you and lots and lots of mud! We had a great laugh and completed it in 4 hours. I got shocked with electricity in the face, which knocked me to the ground just metres before the finish-line; hence why I'm the only one who's filthy in the photo! Great team-work and bonding; necessary to have a guy as a lot of the obstacles are based on strength, but I was left with enough cuts and bruises to tell a story! It's certainly a tough course, but is also great fun at the same time, and is almost next to impossible to complete on your own without help from others. A nice can of VB, Solo and a @Toughmudder Tshirt and Headband were waiting for us at the end, and we stopped in McDonalds on the way home from Phillip Island as our treat. The Dinner of Champions; clearly!

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