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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Suisse Colour Run 2013

I'm becoming more & more frustrated at the fact that I can't do much exercise cos of my back. I've done nothing in 10 weeks apart from swimming & walking & it's making me lazy! So much so that when the Suisse Colour Run came around (that I'd already signed up & paid for), I wasn't in the mood to go. I knew that I couldn't run, so the thoughts of walking it just turned me off it & if Ruthie hadn't said that she was walking it too I would have stayed at home. 
And thank God for Ruthie! What a great day out!! I can't wait for next year already!

You pick up your white headband, number & Tshirt a couple of days beforehand & are set for the day. This year it was on a cold & wet Sunday; but as luck would have it, it stopped raining when we got there! #winning
Most of my hockey team was doing it, so we arranged to meet them beforehand. It took us about 10 mins to get past the starting line as there were 25,000 people doing it in Melbourne! 

As you go along, there are people along the sides who throw various different colour powders at you. It's pretty crazy to see a haze of blue/pink/yellow etc ahead & know what's coming. Great craic & good "sober" fun! The place was packed with mostly kids & females, but the atmosphere was buzzing! 

Ruthie & I didn't notice the 5km (actually 4.1km according to my Garmin watch!) go by as I quizzed her on her job (nurse in ICU) & the awful things she's had to encounter. I admire people who make a difference to the world with their job. I was, and am, so in awe & amazed at how people can do certain jobs & deal with such sad things in their daily lives. Asking Ruthie how she can get her head and heart around seeing kids die or watching families lose a loved one, she replies "for every one you lose, you save many more; and that's the best feeling in the world". I admire her strength & courage for doing such a difficult, and often thankless, job. I'm way too much of a cry-baby to ever do anything like that! I often wonder how my sister is a Vet Nurse or how my aunties work with old sick people. How do they manage to shut-off when they go home, when I can't even stop thinking about my admin job?! 

Back to the Run (sorry - I have a habit of going off on a tangent), the entertainment & music was great, there was free water at the end & everyone was given a sachet of colour to throw at each other afterwards. I OBVIOUSLY picked pink...

We met up with Chaz, Lynnie, Gabby, Jane & Rainman at the stage & danced to the music while taking photos of the state of ourselves! 

What a great day out! Everyone was in a good mood & the tunes were pumping! Someone throws a packet of pink dye from the stage, which is at LEAST 50m away, and it hits me square in the face!! Ruthie tries to explain through the laughter that she saw it coming...cheers for trying to save me so! Some nurse you are!! ;)

Really well organised event & the looks that four of us were getting in the car on the way home were funny! I kept forgetting what I looked like & was wondering why people were staring!

Well done Suisse Colour Run ( - you certainly know how to put on a show!!

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