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Thursday, 28 November 2013

New career?

One of my good friends over here decided to arrange a meeting with a couple of friends of hers that work in Social Media. I think I need to take the hint.

I'm the annoying friend who is always on her phone "Checking In", taking photos and uploading them so I can "tag" you in them. I will have you online as doing your activity before you even realise that you're doing it! Whether it's Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Google+, I'll be on it. My iPhone 5S is an extension of my arm; literally like another limb and is never out of sight. I'll admit it - I'm addicted to social media. I am obsessed by letting everyone know what I'm doing, eating, wearing etc - "a stalker's dream" as my friend tells me. I justify it cos I don't watch TV, and it helps my friends and family at home in Ireland keep up with my life. One particular friend of mine rang me after not seeing any activity on my Facebook profile ( in 2 days! Yes; I probably have a problem, but I can think of worse things to be addicted to!
Anyway, said friend organises a meeting where the four of us catch up at Oscar Coopers on Greville St ( We sat outside this lovely restaurant as it was sunny and ordered some drinks, which were later followed by free muffins! What a lovely surprise! Friendly staff and a lovely relaxed atmosphere means I would most definitely go back!

After a not-so-healthy 2 hour discussion on what I do with Social Media at the moment, the girls advise me to continue what I'm doing, but to step up the blogging and track the number of views and visits to see the improvement as I progress. This is something I could see myself doing in the future, considering I spend so much time doing it already. 

After this, I spend an hour with Una at the park chatting and then decide to head home to get changed to head out to "College Lawn" (AKA "The Village") ( for a few drinks and something to eat. It tends to be the thing to do on a sunny Sunday evening. The place was packed; great buzz about the place! I bumped into a friend Chris from work who, it turns out, played Touch Rugby with Una the week before. Small world! Then, Chris heads off and a friend of a friend of his is left behind with us...slightly awkward, but he spends the rest of the evening with us. I don't hear him complaining, especially since he took a shining to Marion; Una's French friend.

A trip to the bar reveals another friend of mine, and so I'm left in the bar til 1am meaning a very difficult Monday ahead...but my focus on Social Media is now concreted. God help my friends....


  1. Ciara, I could totally see you pursuing a career in Social Media/Digital Media/New Media. I am definitely conflating these 3 concepts, but I think that you could do fantastic work in any/all of them. You have had such a strong handle on social media from the onset and you have an incredibly unique voice here on your blog. I have no expertise - clearly - here, but I think you'd be awesome. And how you articulated your use of social media as "another limb" is a concept that has been discussed in digital media scholarship dating back to the nineties. blah, blah, blah. I will end this dissertation now, but just wanted to say that I think you'd be great in this field. Love to you!

    1. Thanks Jenny Penny! I think I might have to gain a few followers first... ;)