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Thursday, 28 November 2013

A Motley Crue in Phillip Island

Ruthie's fella Steve's parents have a house in Phillip Island ( and so she decided to invite some of the girls to spend the night there. The best idea ever.

We stop in Una's Friday evening and get the surfboards strapped to Ruthie's car and we're off.
2 cars packed with girls from England, Ireland, Germany, New Zealand and France and we head to the island, stopping in the IGA to get food and drinks in.

We get there and it's dark and Ruthie gets the outdoor fire going. We all sit around as Lara gets the BBQ going, and soon the marshmallows are out and toasting nicely on the fire (as our faces burn cos we're way too close to the flames!) Lara screams as hers catches on fire and it sends everyone into fits of laughter at her massive over-reaction!

An impromptu trip down to the beach shows us just how cold it is by the sea and we quickly head back to the warmth of the fire for the rest of the night. We stay up chatting til 2am and then hit the sack as we're all tired after the week at work. Beds aplenty and I sleep like a log til 7am the next day.

Next morning everyone gets up early and heads down to the beach. Em and Una head off surfing, Rainman and Marion go swimming, and Ruthie and I chicken out and go for a walk along the beach for a chat! Lara and her sister turn up later and join us on the sand.

Back home for breakfast and a shower for some, and then off in the car to The Nobbies ( for an hour. Sunny but chilly, we walk along the deck praying that we might escape the copious amounts of bird poo that is EVERYWHERE. I leave my (Lara's) hat on; just in case!

As immature as always, we head into the shop and laugh at the "Placenta Facial Moisturiser", at the fact that they spelt Ciara with a K, Una buys Em a brush with her name on it and we nearly leave Rainman behind. All in the space of about 10 mins.

Back down to the town where we have lunch in a lovely small cafe and then look for the biggest icecream possible in the local shop Isola di Capri ( Yummy!

A walk down to the beach and we chat for a while before heading back to the house and pack up and leave for the trip home. A perfect relaxing day and just what I needed after a difficult week.

I love this photo - I think it sums up our group of friends perfectly; a group of weird misfits who are up for a laugh and don't care who's watching! I hope I'll never grow up or be afraid to be me, and that I'll always appreciate the times spent with loved ones like this day. Simple but great, with lots of laughter. What more could you ask for when a mere photo sparks emotions and memories that make you smile?

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