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Thursday, 28 November 2013


Life in Australia is great. Melbourne is amazing; honestly it is, but there's one thing that it doesn't have, and that's my family and friends from home. 
I haven't been homesick since coming over almost 2 years ago, however I get sad when I think about how I'm missing out. 
Sure, I'm getting to do things that I would ever get to do at home, but there's always a down-side to everything and in this case it's that I'm 17,228.03km away from home. Not exactly next-door.

It's like you're being torn or punished for having a life so far away. It's amazing to get the opportunity to do different things, to travel, to gain experiences; to have a life; something which we didn't have at home. But then there's the guilt that you're leaving people behind or missing out on their life experiences. 
I am missing out on my friends having babies, getting married, my brother graduating from his PhD in BioMedical Engineering, my Goddaughter growing up, nights out or chats with my besties and anything else that I can't simply "pop over" for.

There'll never be a solution for this though - it's either one or the other, you just have to choose. I see it in the people that go home - like they can't do it any longer; through guilt or homesickness. My way of dealing with it is living as much as I can while I'm here and taking each day as it comes. 
I try my best to keep in contact with everyone through messages, emails, Skype or Social Media. Sure, it's not the same, but it's better than nothing and I'm grateful to be able to share in some parts of the lives of my loved ones at home. I can't imagine years ago when people left home, and it was like they were gone forever! How horrible; it's hard enough at the moment, and technology has us a lot closer than we think.
The guilt is the worst. Missing the milestones and knowing you are never going to get them back or be able to spend them with those people. The first, second or third birthday, the first tooth, or steps; them not knowing me, or how much I love their Mam, their Dad or them, even though I don't actually know them.

I get excited thinking about going home for a month at Christmas 2014 as I'll be almost gone 3 years at that stage. This time next year we'll be going home with my sister's 1-year-old, will have Santa again, and will have a Christmas; something that is completely absent in Australia! I'm sitting here listening to Christmas FM ( which is broadcast from home, but the concept of Christmas can't be possible in a country where December is Summer and Santa would have a surfboard rather than a sleigh! 

17,228.03km from home. Almost a kilometre for every hour that has passed since I left.

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  1. To a certain extent, I can def. empathize. Being away during all of the festivities leading up to Andrew's wedding this January has been a challenge - and we are still in the same time zone & just an 11- hour's drive. And our kids have done relatively well w/the adjustment to being so far from friends/family/everything they've ever known, but there are points when it's really hard - grandparents' day at school; ballet recitals; Halloween; Thanksgiving; etc. Joe & I have been working hard to fill the void and to create new traditions for them and for our little family unit, but, yeah, it's tough. Sending so much love to my favorite Irish lady (& her husband and her sister) & to the family that I know misses you (all) so much.